Customizable card sorts. In minutes.

Choose the format that best fits your research.

An interface for you to create your own card sorting studies.

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Single card or multiple cards sort? The choice is yours.

Just as McDonald's could be in a "fast food" pile, a "breakfast" pile or "American restaurants" pile, recent psychometric and marketing research show that it's best to let participants to sort each item in multiple piles.

Ask participants to name the piles, without compromising their thought process.

When asked to name piles during the task, participants are directed to make piles that are easy to justify.

The choice is yours: ask participants to name the piles during the task, after the task, or not at all.

Provide participants examples, and make sure they get it.

Sorting tasks with a lot of cards may be overwhelming. Give participants a short tutorial page (that we can provide) to help them better understand what you'd like them to do.

Tutorials are customizable, based on your needs, and can also feature any type of card sorting you would like.

support Qualtrics Integration.

With a few modifications to your Qualtrics survey, you can link Qualtrics with our sorting task (before/after).

Customizable Instructions.

Ask participants to sort on the basis of whatever criteria you would like. Instructions given to participants are fully customizable.

Task randomization.

If you want to run experimental conditions (e.g., between-subjects design), different tasks can be randomly assigned to participants.

Use cards that are pictures or text.

You can choose to use text labels or 75x75 images (.png, .jpg or .gif) for the cards.

Constrain task requirements.

Want to require participants to have to sort all items at least once? Want to remind participants that they haven't used all the cards, but let them continue if they would like? Choose your constraints.

Output for Analysis.

The card sorts are given to you in a single .CSV file, easily imported into Excel.