SumPi: A Software for Analyzing Sorting Task Data


Our software takes as input output from, the detailed file of how a set of individuals sorted a set of items. The output is Summary Piles, the fewest piles possible that can help explain the data.

Installation instructions are provided in the README-FIRST.txt file. Note that it doesn't work well on macs for a function that isn't ported!

Reference: Blanchard, Simon J., Daniel Aloise and Wayne S. DeSarbo. ”Extracting Summary Piles from Generalized Sorting Task Data.” Journal of Marketing Research.

Latest version: 1.01 - July 12, 2016

Credit: MATLAB Code prepared by Daniel Nobre Pinheiro, under the supervision of Daniel Aloise and Simon Blanchard. The code development has been partially financed by CNPq-Brazil grant 308887/2014-0.

SumPi Tutorial
Try SumPi with one of our datasets, with step by step instructions and sample screens.

Download SumPi 1.01 for MATLAB (82 kb)
(Uncompiled Source Code, with graphical user interface)

Download SumPi 1.01 for Windows (424 MB)
(Windows 64 bits, includes MATLAB runtimes). Large file!