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Flexible card sorting,
in minutes.

Administer your research participants fully featured card sorting, with a few simple clicks.

Need a sorting task as part of your project?

Learn can be used to create a card sort within minutes.

The interface is highly flexible, and customizable.

Whether it is allowing participants to use the cards more than once, using pictures instead of words, or asking participants to name the piles, offers an array of customization options. Use your own logo, randomize cards, and even custom instructions, all via an administrative interface.


Trusted by leading academics and practitioners:

The study of human cognition often involves how individuals categorize the world around them., with the multiple cards sorting task, provides the rigor and flexibility to investigate simple and complex cognitive models.
Ishani Banerji
Research Director
Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research (Sponsored by KPMG)
If you're going to need a sorting task for your paper, you should use It's easy to use and setup, it has all the features and options you need (e.g., linking with Qualtrics), and Simon is responsive when problems arise.
Mahima Hada
Assistant Professor of Marketing
City University of New York (Baruch)

No cost, no commitments. Just a little bit of time to set it up.


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